Create a Social Networking Site in PHP (Video Tutorials)

The reason you are on this page probably be you want to create a Social Networking Website in PHP & MySQLi, if that’s your aim then you have come to the right place. PHP & MySQLi are two powerful tools which you can use to create such projects very easily, and in my video course, you’ll learn creating social network in PHP¬†from absolutely scratch. Basically, this project will be all about creating a basic discussion forum with social network features such as commenting, messaging, posting etc. I already have created some projects in PHP & MySQL such as ecommerce website in PHP/MySQLi, complete CMS in PHP and registration form in PHP. But this time you are going something more better, this step by step course is for you to learn something unique.


What’s Social Network & Forum?

There are different type of social networks, some are with more features and some are with less. But the basic motive is to provide the users an environment where they can engage/interact with each other, where they can can share something with others. And the discussion forum also has a similar objective. For example, in discussion forum, users always post their questions related to a specific topic, and other users try to answer it by replying. But I’ve combined these two concepts and have created a single course which will have basic features for discussion forum as well as social network.

Social Network & Discussion Forum Training:

In this complete video training series, we’ll learn creating a nice and simple social network and discussion forum in PHP & MySQLi from scratch, some of the mean features which we’ll cover in this course are following:

  • Beautiful Social Network Layout
  • Validating the User Sign Up Process
  • User Registration System
  • User Logout & Login with SESSIONS
  • User Timeline & Posts
  • User Comments & Profiles
  • Users Messages & Replies
  • User Editing Profile – Posts
  • User Messages Notifications
  • User Email Verification on Sign Up
  • Uploading the Project to Online Server
  • Admin Panel for Managing the Social Network
  • Much More…

The above mentioned are a few features of this project, but these are not limited to. And we’ll use PHP, MySQLi, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 while creating this whole project. And for writing codes, we’ll use Notepad++ as a text editor. We’ll also use XAMPP which is an applications provides web development environment.

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Examples of this Social Network:

Below are some of the screenshots of this great and simple social network, you can take a clear idea about what we are going to create before you start learning this course.

The Main Page of this Social Network:

The main home page of this social network!

Timeline of this Social Network:

The main page when user login to their account!

The Single Page with Comments:


User Profile in this Social Network:

User Profile when browsing members!

Sending Message to Users:

Sending messages to registered users!

Now you have a clear idea about what you are going to learn. The simple sections which you can see in above screenshots are the part of this project. Now let’s start watching the tutorials for this project, so you can start learning it practically. But remember, this is a playlist of video tutorials from YouTube, so you can simply start watching a video lecture and another video will play automatically.

Social Network – Video Tutorials!

After watching the initial lectures of this great project, I hope you’ve come to know about the importance of this course, so if you are satisfied with the introduction and the content then you can join the full course right now at a discounted price, and with the full course, you’ll get the whole source code of this project + upcoming updates and personal support on the forum.

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