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If you are one of those PHP developers who are still using the procedural PHP to create websites and applications then it’s time to shift to Object Oriented Programming in PHP. I’m aware that most of the developers have already adopted PHP OOP, but still there are many developers who want to learn PHP OOP with easy examples. Having that in mind, I’ve created a complete step by step video tutorials series on PHP OOP, which you can watch on this page.


What’s PHP OOP?

As all of you know, PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor which is a server side scripting language and it has been used for over two decades now. It’s a very popular language, because it’s free and open source and easy to learn. But OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming which is a programming style already existing in many other languages such as C++, Java and even JavaScript. But in PHP, its support came after version # 5.0, and now PHP fully supports OOP. As the name suggests, OOP is based on Objects, and you always create a class first and then objects of that class.

Advantages of Using OOP

There are many advantages when you use OOP with PHP. The first advantage is that the code is very organized and the structure is well maintained. The second biggest advantage is that usability of the code get increased, you can reuse the code whenever you need it in your other projects, and that means you can save a lot of time. And the last but not the least advantage is; it’s very secured if compared to the procedural method. So there are many advantages while using Object Oriented Programming in PHP.

What’s Inside this Course?

In this course, you’ll learn the basic concept of OOP, and then you’ll learn the basic featuresĀ of OOP such as the class, visibility, constants, static functions, static variables, methods, properties, magic functions, inheritance and so much more. And at the end of the basics, you’ll learn creating a small project (Registration Form) purely using PHP OOP. And finally, you’ll learn creating a complete Content Management System (CMS) purely using Object Oriented Programming in PHP. So after this course, you’ll be able to learn the advanced techniques of OOP.

And furthermore, You’ll also learn PDO (PHP Data Object) in this course, so that’s one more great advantage of this course for you, because PDO is very powerful when it comes to databases.

Now watch the video tutorials series on Object Oriented Programming below, this is a playlist from YouTube, so you can easily watch one video after another on the same player.

PHP OOP Video Tutorials

After watching the basic video tutorials above, you should be able to work with PHP OOP for smaller projects, and if you want to go to create some big projects using PHP OOP then visit the Paid courses section on this website, where you can find a lot of project oriented courses in PHP which I have created for you. You can join any course there on discount price, I’ll always be here at your service, and will create more free tutorials for you. If you have any questions then do drop them in the comment box below. And share this tutorial with your friends. Thanks!

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