Top 5 PHP & MySQL E-commerce Solutions

It won’t be wrong to say that both php and mysql users enjoy a lot of features and frameworks. These promise to give a beautiful look to your web designs. PHP is one of the most amazing and famous web development language. The frameworks of both of these solutions include plenty of useful features so that the users can enjoy high performance web designs and desktop applications as per their desire and expectations. If you are looking for top 5 php and mysql e-commerce frameworks then here you are. We have gathered the best platforms for you to create E-commerce solutions without worrying about the back-end programming, all of the frameworks are built-in PHP and using MySQL as a database.


1. WordPress.Org

WordPress came into being in May, 2003. Thanks to Matt Mullenweg, the founder and creator of wordpress who made such a wonderful platform of web creation for us. In hand by hand with Matt, Mike Little also worked really hard. Nowadays, plenty of wordpress versions have been made available to the users. It is considered that this CMS (Framework) has been downloaded by more than fifteen million users the world over. A well distinctive blogging platform originated wordpress in its present form. This is a quite powerful and well versed framework for web designers and developers. You can use this framework for modifying your websites, giving them a good and appealing look and creative personalized CMS platform in a better way. You can use WordPress to create an ecommerce platform very easily.

2. osCommerce.Com

It is one of the amazing and most powerful administrative tools and php mysql frameworks in the world. It gives the user full access to online store solutions so that they can get connected with various merchants around the world. You can easily and quickly install this framework if your internet connection is reliable. The guiding section of this framework will make it easy for you to understand its features. Also you will get to know how to use its different tools and options in an effective way.

3. StoreSprite.Com

This is another wonderful phy mysql platform. You can install it instantly and enjoy its plenty of features. It comes with customized and well versed scripting. You can manage your website with this framework in a way you love the most. There are a lot of options to go with and deploy storesprite to be a top ranked and one of the best frameworks for professional web designers and web developers.

4. Freeway.Com

Freeway is one of the largest and most popular open source ecommerce platforms we have ever known about. Some of its well versed features include unlimited categorization, open source, free documentation, designing templates, unlimited manufacturing, wide range of templates to create, multiple currencies, automatic image resizing facility and others.

5. Magento.Com

I must say magento has been one of the most successful, powerful and well featured development frameworks in the world. It helps you furnish your website in the way you love. It assists in optimal designing and development of web languages. So far magento has come in three versions, each version comes with added features and better properties than the previous ones. The version I love the most is magento community. It is a basic yet wonderful designing framework to go with. If you are new in the world of web designing and development and know well the significance of php and mysql e commerce frameworks, then I am sure you will take no time to use magento community edition. It’s plenty of features and options make it easier for you to establish your own websites and web pages, no matter you own a small business site or large business set up. You can program it in a way that you can offer your products to the customers in all parts of the world.

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