Get a Payoneer Master Card with $25 Bonus

If you are a freelancer or someone who earns money online then the Payoneer Master Card is the best option for you to withdraw your funds and cash it out from any ATM supporting master cards. Payoneer master card doesn’t require a physical bank account, it’s just a worldwide used master card with freedom. It’s even more useful in countries where Paypal is still not available such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. I have created a complete video tutorial on Payoneer, please watch it and learn from it.


How Does Payoneer Work?

Payoneer master card is just another card you use on ATMs to withdraw money. When you sign up for an account on their official website, they will ship you a master card which you have to activate after receiving. After activating the card, you’ll need to add a PIN number for your card so that you can use this PIN when you withdraw money from ATMs worldwide. Keep this PIN number safe with you, and don’t tell it to anybody.

What’s the Fee Structure of Payoneer?

Payoneer will send you the master card for free, but after activation, if you received money in the card, you’ll be charged $24 which is the activation charges for this card. After that, you’ll be charged 1% to 3% on every withdrawal you make from any ATM around the world. So the following fee will be charged while using Payoneer card.

  • Activation fee: $24 (One Time)
  • Withdrawal fee: 1% to 3% depending on the amount
  • Maintenance fee: $36/Year

However, receiving money to your card is absolutely free, you can also send/receive funds to any other Payoneer card for free.

Join Payoneer & Get $25 Bonus

If you join Payoneer from the link I mention below, you’ll get $25 as a bonus when you activate and load your card, this is just a gift for you from Payoneer as a new user. So do join Payoneer from below link for free:

Along with the Payoneer Master Card, you’ll also get a vertual bank account in the USA, you can use that account to receive money in your card, if someone asks you for a bank account then you can give the details of your account in order to receive funds. That’s like one ticket and fun is twice.

Watch Video Tutorial about this!

After watching the tutorial, I’m sure you’ve got it. If you still have any questions regarding Payoneer master card then do let me know below in comments. I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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  • How are you Bro?
    From two days I has made Account on Payoneer but till not reach on my address.So tell me how i activate my card?
    Waiting of your reply…

    • I’m fine, what about you?

      You can contact Payoneer live support for asking another card to be sent to you, but please give accurate and exact address on which you can receive anything from Pakistan local post.

      • I am also fine,
        Can i use this card for MasterCard & VISA A/c through Payoneer. Because i want to purchase anything from anyone.