Top 5 PHP & MySQL E-commerce Solutions


It won’t be wrong to say that both php and mysql users enjoy a lot of features and frameworks. These promise to give a beautiful look to your web designs. PHP is one of the most amazing and famous web development language. The frameworks of both of these solutions include plenty of useful features so that the users can enjoy ...

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Javascript-jQuery Text Editors for For CMS


When you create web development projects, you need to include many external or third party plugins & scripts which save very much of your precious time. JavaScript web text editor is one of the tools which you may really need while creating a web-based application or website, mostly I use this text editor when I create a “Content Management System” ...

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WordPress for Beginners – Video Tutorials

Wordpress training

WordPress the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used by millions of webmasters, bloggers and companies to manage their small/large websites & blogs. This is is very important to learn for every business owner who wants to create a professional looking website within few hours. I’ve created a small video course teaching you WordPress from absolutely scratch, you’ll come to ...

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Top 5 CMS Scripts to Create Learning Management System


With the passage of time, the use of CMS for creating online Learning Management Systems has become a habit and necessary. It comes both in open source formats as well as in closed source format. Whichever type or format you make use of, you only have to be assured that your e-learning platforms are well equipped with facilities, features and ...

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10 Free jQuery Plugins for Web developers

Gone are the days when many of the people used to name JavaScript to be massively in the web pages. These days jQuery plug-ins have really enhanced the way we design our websites. Thanks to the web developers and highly skilled programmers who have made it easy for us to enjoy fully featured and highly enhanced websites with a lot ...

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