How to Get User IP Address Using PHP?


Getting the user computer’s IP address becomes very necessary when you are either securing your application or you want to keep users’ information for future use. In PHP you can use a very simple command to get user’s IP address, but you can also use JavaScript in order to get user’s IP. However, it’s better to get the IP address ...

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Integrating Paypal Payment Code in PHP Scripts (Video Tuts)


Paypal is without doubts the most popular online payment system which is used by thousands of website owners and companies for their online businesses in order to receive payments from customers. And it’s very necessary for web developers to learn how they can integrate Paypal Payment System into PHP projects for their clients and their own websites. It’s not a difficult task ...

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E-Commerce Website in PHP & MySQLi (Video Tutorials)

ecommerce in php

E-Commerce is a kind of online selling/purchasing system or in other words it’s called “Online Store” where customers can buy things/products and can pay online, while the merchant or owner of the website can see the orders/payments and can manage the whole content management system. There are many frameworks and CMS existing on the web such as Magento, OpenCart, Shopify ...

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How to use Mysqli_connect API in PHP?


MySQLi is the improved version of MySQL database management system, it was introduced in MySQL version 4.3.0 and since than it’s been used everywhere. In the upcoming PHP version 5.6, MySQL_connect will no longer usable. Therefore, every PHP web developer should use the NEW MySQLi API while connecting to a database. Unlike the old MySQL_Connect, the new improved version has support ...

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Advanced CMS & Website in PHP & MySQL (Video Tutorials)

cms website in PHP

Hi All PHP & MySQL learners, I hope you’ve been enjoying our previous PHP & MySQL video tutorials over different topics. In the past, I shared a “CMS & Admin Panel in PHP” course with you which was to give you a basic idea for creating such a web development project only using PHP & MySQL. But today here is something ...

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