Date Calender Picker Code in jQuery


jQuery is a very useful library of JavaScript, which has made every developer & designer’s life easier. You can integrate jQuery into any web project very easily from and you can also use the jQuery UI plugins. So in this tutorial, I’ll tell you a simple way to include date picker in your forms while receiving data from users. ...

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PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP)


OOP stands for (Object Oriented Programming) which is the complicated & advanced form of web development in PHP/MySQLi. There are two different ways to write a program in PHP, the one is called “Procedural Method” in which you simply write the codes directly in the text editor wherever you want and get the results in the browser, and the second programming method ...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorials

SEO tutorials

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process to understand the algorithms of Search Engines such as Google, Bing and In this process, you first need to understand what’s the requirements/criteria by search engines for crawling/indexing and ranking web pages, and after that you need to learn how to create SEO friendly or search engines friendly websites/pages ...

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How to Create a Login System in PHP & MySQLi?


If you are working on a web development project where users can register and login then you must create a secure login system for your website so that you can allow users to login to your website without any hassle. We can create a login system in PHP very easily, and we’ll need to have a MySQLi database and table ...

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How to Get Values from Checkboxes & Radios in PHP


We mostly use HTML web forms while getting the input from the users, and we store the users’ information inside a database and for that we use PHP & MySQL. An HTML <form> tag may have multiple <input> elements and each <input> element has a different or same type attribute, you can easily get values from a <input> tags which ...

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