How to Send PHP Email in HTML Format?


PHP mail() is one of the useful functions you can use to send an email to one or more people. You can also use this function to send emails dynamically to people such as who submit a form or who contact you via website. Recently, I was creating a course Creating Social Network in PHP in which I used email verification ...

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Create a Social Networking Site in PHP (Video Tutorials)


The reason you are on this page probably be you want to create a Social Networking Website in PHP & MySQLi, if that’s your aim then you have come to the right place. PHP & MySQLi are two powerful tools which you can use to create such projects very easily, and in my video course, you’ll learn creating social network ...

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AJAX with PHP Web Development Tutorials

AJAX is a popular web development technique which is used in almost every dynamic web application now a days, if you are looking for some really easy AJAX tutorial then you have come to the right place, I’ve created some very basic AJAX tutorials along with a small project, so you can practically learn AJAX. And I’ve used PHP as ...

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Online Voting System in PHP & MySQLi (Tutorial)


If you want to create an online voting system only using PHP & MySQLi then it’s very easy to create. I’ll teach you the process step by step on this page with source code. Voting system or online poll is a kind of contesting system which you can create for comparing the popularity of different candidates from the votes given by ...

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How to Create a Simple Pagination in PHP?


If you have many pages on your website and want to add a simple pagination for easy user navigation then you have come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn adding a very simple pagination to your website. This simple pagination is created in PHP/MySQLi which you can use on any of your web development project. I think there is ...

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