jQuery Learning Video Tutorials for Beginners

JavaScript is considered the backbone of web development, and this is because, there are many web development tasks which can not be done without the help of JavaScript. JavaScript has been used since the web browser started work on the web. After to much usage of JavaScript in the websites, its team decided to make a library called “jQuery” which is slightly simpler version of JavaScript. jQuery was basically built using JavaScript’s functions, now one can easily use complex JS scripts by calling them simply using jQuery library. So here on this page you’ll learn about jQuery basics in the shape of video tutorials. This is a series I’ve created for jQuery lovers and there are total 9 video tutorials in this series. After this, I’ll create some web projects in jQuery and will share with you soon.


jQuery is considered as “Write Less, Do More” because of its simplicity for the web developers and programmers. If a person tries hard to learn it then it could be easily learned with less efforts and hard work if compared to JavaScript itself, which is very hard to learn though.

What will we learn in this jQuery course?

Here is the list of the jQuery methods and actions we’ll learn while watching video tutorials below:

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • The Syntax
  • Hide & Show methods
  • Toggle method
  • FadeIn, FadeOut and Fade Toggle Methods
  • Animate Method
  • SlideDown, SlideUp and Slide Toggle Methods
  • Stop and Start Methods

So in this basic jQuery tutorials series, you’ll learn above mentioned topics by watching below videos.

If you want to be a PHP Developer then here is some cool stuff for you to watch & read:

Note: All of the videos are already uploaded to my YouTube channel and are in a single Playlist, so you can just play a single video to start watching them all, another video will start automatically when the first one is finished, you can however, skip a video by clicking the next option in the video player, Now kindly watch the video series below:

After having watched above video series on jQuery, I hopefully can say that you guys have made yourself ready for learning jQuery with advance techniques, so wait for my next series to come with amazing web based projects and some cool stuff.

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