JavaScript Learning Video Tutorials for Beginners (English)

JavaScript is a client side web programming language which is used in most of the websites currently serving the users on the web. The top 100 websites existing on the internet are using JavaScript. JavaScript (JS) can work as a backbone in web development because it has been used in all kind of websites and in web applications. Whether a developer uses ASP or PHP he/she must be using JS along with that. So therefore, the basic understanding of JavaScript is must for you in order to be a perfect web developer in the future. Here I come with a basic video training series of JavaScript, and already I’ve published a jQuery learning video series on this blog, jQuery is a library of JavaScript which is also necessary for web development purpose.

JavaScript in English

So if you are really serious about web development and learning JavaScript then you must watch this series of video tutorials from starting to end. You’ll find it very interesting and worth watching. However, keep in mind that this is still a basic thing. For Advance learning and projects, I’ll soon upload more videos.

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What We’ll learn in this JavaScript Training?

We’ll Cover all the basic jobs done by JavaScript for web browsers while watching this series of video tutorials. The following subjects are however appropriately covered by me in this series:

  • Introduction to JavaScript (via Presentation)
  • The Syntax of JS
  • The Methods of JS
  • Creating Variables
  • Data Types in JS
  • Conditional Statements in JS
  • Comparison Operators in JS
  • Logical Operators in JS
  • Three kind of pop up boxes i.e Alert, Prompt & Confirm
  • Arrays in JS
  • JavaScript Functions
  • Comments in JS
  • Loops in JS
  • Data Objects of JS
  • Creating a Clock in JavaScript
  • Window Objects in JS
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • Stop & Start Commands
  • Examples of JavaScript

So all of the above mentioned subjects are covered in this video tutorials series, Now kindly have a look at the playlist below, and note that this is a video playlist from my YouTube channel, so you need to just play one video and the another one will be played automatically in the Player. Here is the video to watch now:

After watching all 24 videos in the playlist above, I’ll just assume you’ve learned the basics of JavaScript very easily, while for advance learning I’ll recommend you to keep visiting this website and share it with your friends, so that all of you can learn web development and web designing very easily for free.

If you got any questions or have some suggestions in mind for this website then I’ll encourage you to post your comment in the box and then press submit button. I’ll be glad to answer your questions. Thanks anyway.

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