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When you create web development projects, you need to include many external or third party plugins & scripts which save very much of your precious time. JavaScript web text editor is one of the tools which you may really need while creating a web-based application or website, mostly I use this text editor when I create a “Content Management System” in PHP & MySQL. So recently I used some cool & easy to install jQuery-JavaScript text editors in my upcoming CMS project in PHP, I thought to share these nicest text editors with you, so you can use them in your projects. Hopefully, You’ll like the collection.


Top 5 JavaScript Web Text Editors

There are many text editors out there on the web, but I’ve selected the top 5 ones which I think is enough to be included in a web project easily. The nicest thing is; all of these text editors are free to use for personal purposes, so let’s proceed.

#1 – TinyMCE.Com – JavaScript Text Editor



I kept this text editor on the top of all because it won my heart, this is very very simple & super easy to include in a web project, you just visit their website “” and go to “Quick Install”, just copy the 3 lines of code and put it wherever you want in your project, just refresh your page and you’ll see this beautiful text editor appearing. However, I would suggest you to always use “<textarea></textarea>” tag in the HTML form, so this will replace that tag.

#2 – – JavaScript Text Editor



This text editor is also a chunk of awesomeness. You can include it in your web projects within few seconds, it has just few lines of codes to be included anywhere in a web page and in the next second it will be appearing. However, as usual, always use “<textarea>” tag in the HTML form to overwrite this kind of text editors.

#3 – – Another jQuery Text Editor



Another beautiful text editor built-in with javascript & jQuery, it’s actually a pop up text editor which appear when you select a piece of text inside the page. This is cool!.

#4 – – Free & open source text editor



This is called the “Best” text editor among all, but I’ve given it 4th position in my list. It’s very easy to integrate in any web page, it’s free & open source. And this text editor has more plugins to be used while editing your content. Must give it a try.

#5 – – Cross Browser Text Editor



This is the last text editor of this list, this is also very simple and easy to integrate in web projects, However, I’d rather recommend you to use the above ones which I’ve mentioned on this page. But you can use any of these editors upon your own choice, I’ve just shared the best 5 JavaScript text editors with you.

If you have any questions or having difficulty while installing/adding these editors into your web projects then please let me know in the comment section, I’ll be glad to help you solving the issues. Happy Web Development! 

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