HTML Learning Video Tutorials for Beginners (English)

This is a video blog where you’ll find web development and web designing video tutorials in particular, but all other IT and internet tutorials in common. I’ve seen a rapid growth in searches related to online learning via Video tutorials, and therefore, I created this blog to help all those out who actually want to learn something completely and in very simple English. So here I come with my HTML video tutorials series for beginners which is actually a basic training for HTML lovers. However, I’ll be updating this blog with more advanced video tutorials on HTML5 in the future. And I already have served my readers by publishing CSS video tutorials, JavaScript for beginners and jQuery tutorials.

HTML tutorials


HTML stands for “Hyper Text Markup Language” which is the main language for creating websites. This is also considered the “BackBone” for Web programming. It’s being used since the web browser started working on the internet. So you must learn this core language before learning any other web programming language i.e JavaScript, CSS etc.

What will be the content of this video course?

In this basic HTML video training series, you’ll come to know about many aspect of HTML, however, you’ll cover your basics while watching this course, the most used tags of HTML are taught in this course by me, and below is the outline of the course:

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Learning the Basic Tags of HTML
  • Marquee Tag Examples
  • Adding Images in HTML
  • Inserting Links in HTML
  • UL and LI tags
  • Creating tables using HTML
  • Creating Forms in HTML
  • Using DIV tags in HTML
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Important Tags in HTML5
  • Creating a website using HTML5 and CSS3

So the above is the list of content you’ll learn while watching this very simple 16 video tutorials series including a Project in HTML5 & CSS3.

Now watch the video below which is in fact a Playlist of videos embedded straight from my YouTube channel, and my website is now changed from to So you just can click a video to play and the second one will play automatically.

After watching the above video series, I can assume, you’ve covered the basics of HTML and now you want to go ahead to build your skills for advance work. For right now, you can go to practice every single tag you’ve learned so far, you can use to find more examples on HTML, or wait for my next series with projects in HTML5.

However, you should consider leaving a feedback about this course, so I can improve my upcoming tutorials as well as can serve you better in the future with more useful stuff.

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