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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process to understand the algorithms of Search Engines such as Google, Bing and In this process, you first need to understand what’s the requirements/criteria by search engines for crawling/indexing and ranking web pages, and after that you need to learn how to create SEO friendly or search engines friendly websites/pages to get a better rank. In current era, for every business owner, it’s very important to get organic (original) traffic/visitors from search engines. I’ve created a complete step by step Search Engine Optimization course on this topic, in which you’ll learn SEO from basic to advance and with A to Z components. I’m one of the individuals who’s been involved in SEO since 2009, I’ve studied SEO very deeply in previous 5 years, and I know what works and what doesn’t work in this field. From Google Panda to Penguin and from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve gone through everything in SEO. I’ll be sharing my 5 years of SEO experience in this single course.

SEO tutorials

Why SEO is Important Today?

Whether you are learning Web Development, Web Designing, Creating a Website or whatever on the web, you’ll come to know sooner or later that SEO is an important part of web designing & web development, because when you create a website, you need to market it and reach the potential customers/visitors. Therefore, it’s very necessary to learn seo today or tomorrow.

How to Start Learning SEO Today?

Since SEO is not a one day game, it’s a long test game, but as I said, I’ve been deeply involved in this thing for last several years, I’ve ranked up almost all of my websites including for clients. And today I can say, that SEO has reached to its top level. It can not go more advanced than it is today. There will be some minor changes in the future, but almost the doubts have been cleared and the formality has been reached by Google. So by starting learning SEO today, you are learning it at the best level of the times.

What You’ll Learn in this SEO Course?

As I already mentioned, it’s a complete SEO course, so you’ll learn each and every aspect of SEO along the way with necessary tools and theoretical/logical things such as balancing the work flow, balancing the keywords, balancing the backlinks and balancing many other things related to this phenomena. However, the list of the things you’ll learn in this course are as follow:

  • What’s SEO?
  • Important SEO Tools
  • Website Topic
  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • Complete On-Page SEO
  • Complete Off-Page SEO
  • Strong Link Building
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Web Master Tools
  • Google Analytic Tools
  • Tracking the Progress
  • Working as an SEO Expert

The above list is just the few points of this course, However, there will be more topics in the course, because SEO is a random topic where you can find new techniques every single day, and I’ll be updating this course on weekly basis.

On-Page SEO Structure

The complete outline of this course is listed above, but here we’ll discuss some important point of On-Page SEO, this is the very first important factor in Search Engine Optimization, so the more you have command over it, the more it’s better for you, we’ll learn the following things while discussing on-page:

  • Setting Up Website
  • Initial Keyword Research
  • SEO Setting for WordPress
  • Optimizing Articles
  • Keyword Density
  • Keyowrd Prominence
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Better Permalinks
  • Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Interlinking within Articles
  • Tracking Keywords
  • Much More..

The few important points listed above will be the part of on-page seo in this course.

Off-Page SEO & Link Building

After Keyword Research and On-Page, the Off-Page SEO becomes a crucial part of search engine optimization, we’ll learn each aspect in off-page, but I’ll list a few topics here, which will be the part of off-page & link building

  • Strong & Active Social Media Profiles
  • Site Submission to Google & Bing
  • Sitemap Submission to Google & Bing
  • Site Submission to Active Blog Directories
  • Site Submission to Active Article Directories
  • Blog Commenting to Create Backlinks
  • Forums Posting to Create Backlinks
  • ¬†Creating .Edu & .Gov Backlinks
  • Promoting Website via Video Blogging
  • Promoting Website via Slide Sharing Sites
  • Creating Backlinks on Review Sites
  • Magic Ways to Create Backlinks
  • Much More

There are many more learning points in the course such as working as an SEO expert for clients & companies and some random tips which I do practically in the course, so for that you need to watch the video tutorials below.

Remember: This is a playlist of video tutorials, so you don’t need to go to YouTube, you can watch all the videos one by another on this single page, after you finish one video, the another one will start automatically.

SEO Video Tutorials!

If you have watched the tutorials then you’ll have come to know the deep knowledge in the course, so I’ll highly recommend you to join this complete course by visiting Premium Courses page. If you have any questions then do let me know.

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