Free Download Complete CMS in PHP OOP

I’m sharing a complete CMS in PHP OOP for free here on my blog. I have created this project recently in one of my PHP OOP courses. If you are looking for a complete CMS (Content Management System) for any of your projects then you can use this one freely. It has a front end website for the users and a back end Admin Panel for the administrator. You can modify this project according to your requirements and I’ll be happy if you give me a ¬†backlink for this. I also have a video tutorial which explains how to use the code which you can download below.


How to USE the PHP OOP CMS?

First of all, you need to download the code (link is given below the video), then please extract the folder and copy/paste it into the htdocs folder inside your XAMPP/WAMP installation. Next, please open your favorite browser and write localhost/phpblog and you should see the website, but you’ll not see much of the content, because you have to import the database as well which has all the content such as posts, categories and admin login.

How to Import the Database?

Please go to the localhost/phpmyadmin and create a new database with the name “phpblog” and then click the import button in the menu (as showing in the video below), import the database file phpblog.sql which is located in the folder phpblog inside htdocs. And you are all done, now visit your blog on localhost and you should see a nicely¬†working website in front of you. You can also check out its Admin Panel with the email “” and password “walikhan“. You can change the admin details in the table admin.

Video Tutorial to Use this CMS

If you still have confusions then please watch the video tutorial below in order to practically understand the steps and beautifully use the code I’ve given here. The video is on YouTube, and you can also watch all of my other tutorials on YouTube my channel.

I’m sure, you’ve enjoyed the video tutorial, and you are fully aware about using this simple and beautiful CMS in PHP OOP, now you can download the source code from the link given below.

Download the Code

If you face any difficulty while downloading or using this code then please comment with your question below so I can help you out. Thank you for watching and reading.

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    sir i get some index error in this project can you help me sir

  • Prashanth N

    Erorrs in this Example:

    Admin Part :

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:xampphtdocsphpbloglibrariesdatabase.php (librariesdatabase.php)

    Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on boolean (adminindex.php)

    Notice: Undefined Index in category (admin/add_post.php)

    In Main :

    Undefined index (index.php)

  • Abid Rasool

    Aslamualaikum Sir
    I am unable toh find your complete video tutorial serial about PHP OOP kindly guide me if this serial exists

    • Abdul Rehman

      Same here unable toh find your complete video tutorial serial about PHP OOP kindly guide me if this serial exists