Step by Step PHP & MySQL Video Tutorials For Beginners

PHP – Stands for “HyperText Preprocessor” formally “Personal Home Page” is a web programming language which is very easy to learn if compare to other programming languages such as Perl and The most beautiful thing in learning PHP is; it is open source and free to use, as well as it has the concept of OOP “Object Oriented Programming”. I’ve brought to you a basic step by step PHP video tutorials series, by watching which you may learn the basics of PHP & MySQL.

php & MySQL


In this basic video training series, we’ll learn how to work with PHP default global variables and arrays. We’ll also learn the basics of MySQL as a database. In this start up course, you might learn something very interesting in PHP.

Before You start watching this course, you’ll need to have following tools installed in your PC:

  • A modern web browser i.e  Google Chrome or Mozilla
  • A text editor i.e Notepad or Notepad++ or Dreamweaver
  • A local server i.e XAMPP or WAMP (includes PHP 5, MySQL & Apache)

Before going to learn this basic course, you should have knowledge in following:

  • Basic understanding of HTML
  • Basic Understanding of JavaScript

What will we learn by watching this course:

So by watching below tutorials, you are gonna learn all the above mentioned things.

Here is the Playlist containing more than 53 video tutorials, in this playlist you’ll learn PHP & MySQL step by step with a lot of projects. However, you need to only click the video at once, after the first video is finished, the next one will play automatically. So you can watch the videos with an order. Now let’s start watching the course right now:

PHP is not that difficult to learn as people think. However, you need to consistently practice the lessons you learn. This is a basic series of my PHP video training, and I’ll soon come up with more advanced projects and frameworks in PHP.

If you missed these PHP tutorials then do watch them as well: 

I’ll soon publish some Advance projects in PHP such as creating a commenting system, a pagination project, a school registration project, a social network website, an eCommerce project and many more in upcoming days.

If you liked this series of tutorials on PHP then kindly take few seconds to share this post with all of your friends on social media, that will give me a motivation to create more great stuff for you. All the best and Thank you for sharing.

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Abdul Wali is a professional blogger, marketer and web developer working online for last 5 years, he's been deeply involved in PHP, Web Development, SEO and computer video tutorials in different languages i.e English, Urdu and Pashto. You can catch him on and add him on Facebook.

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  • Mohamed Elmi Ali

    Dear Abdul Wali !
    I am really very excited your way of teaching, it’s free and fully completed, i never seen some like you but i hope others will come.
    You teach me really money things about web technology, i say, Jazaka Allah, i hope Allah will help you as you help other people, Insha Allah you will get Janah. i will pray for, the world needs some one honesty like.
    I am really request you to continue your helping, do not stop, help every human being in the world as you can. i hope one day i will be like even in the coming future.
    Thank you

    By Mohamed Elmi Ali

    • Hello!
      Thank you for your compliment and comment here, I’ll keep my efforts up as a human being. stay connected.

  • hi, big up for those cool tuts,the really helped, can u make on of “how to make a video list from pc to a php page”. thanks

    • hey dude,
      Thanks for the appreciation, the video from PC to PHP require some rendering plugins to be installed on the server either local or global. But I’ll try my best to include this tutorial as well.

  • sameh gamal

    we need OOP in php videos

  • Hi,
    OOP tutorials are coming on the way!