How to Create a Video Sharing Website Like YouTube?

If you are thinking to create a video sharing website like YouTube then keep in mind that it’s not easy if you want to create it from scratch, you need to have extensive knowledge in programming languages such as PHP, AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery etc. Along with the programming languages, you’ll also need to install some plugins/tools which are necessary to run a video sharing website. However, if you want to use the existing scripts or platforms then it’s not very difficult to create a video sharing site like YouTube, in this post, I’ll show you a few ways to create such a system easily without web programming knowledge.


Creating Video Sharing Site on ClipBucket

ClipBucket is the most popular free video sharing script, which you can install straight from your Cpanel, just go to your hosting account and find the scripts, where you’ll see “Clip-Bucket“, just install it and you’ll see your video sharing site ready within a few seconds. You can read the requirements & installation guideline on this page.

PHPmotion is another famous script which you can use to create such system in a few minutes, this can also be installed from within your control panel (Cpanel).

Creating Video Sharing Site on WordPress

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) where you can build any type of website including video sharing site. You can use many different themes and plugins in order to create a video sharing website on WordPress, but the well-known theme for video sharing site on WordPress is called:

You can find other themes as well for this purpose, but the above one has more features and compatibility.

Creating Video Sharing Site on Joomla

There is one more platform called “Joomla” where you can create video sharing website more easily than any other CMS. You can just set up your Joomla website and install this extension called “All Video Share“. It provides all the features necessary for a professional video sharing website.

Web Hosting Options for Video Sharing Site

It’s very important to note that you can’t run a large video sharing system on normal shared web hosting. This is because the video sharing site requires more resources to be used for processing, uploading, converting and streaming videos at the same time. Therefore, you must at least have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting account for running your video sharing site. You can also have a dedicated server for this purpose if you have more users and more uploads on daily basis.


You can create a video sharing website without even knowing web programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX (Knowledge of these languages will be advantageous).

You can use Clip-Bucket and PHPmotion to create your site within a few minutes.

You can use VideoTube theme for WordPress to create such website with an easy interface.

You can do this type of website on Joomla CMS as well.

If you have any questions then you can ask in the comment section below.

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  • Ty-Lee Jay

    will you also show the way to code this from straight code and not already made scripts and platforms because I would like to learn how to make it from scratch

    • Jimmy

      yes you’re right. I’m also waiting for this course.

  • Jimmy

    Abdul Wali, when I read your post title I thought wow youtube website from scratch finally here but when I start reading the article it makes me very sad. I waited too long for this course and many people requesting you for this course. Please I want to learn from scratch. Wali I notice you’re unique from others and that uniqueness is you teach people from scratch. Please make a course on youtube website from scratch.
    Thank you

  • Ty-Lee Jay

    And also if you made a video on how to do it from scratch you would be the first one and only one to have a video like that because everyone else is always doing it from already made scripts or from joomal or wordpress. You would make a lot of money from a video about doing it from scratch. Thanks you.

  • kamran

    I wanted to know if used the above scripts to make a video sharing site,

    1. What kind of server would I need? is there a recommended size memory? or speed or other specifications?

    2. What about web traffic/ bandwidth issues – as in if I have 10,000 users all watching the same video – will they have issues? will it lag? or freeze? and how to avoid this.

    i know it will cost too much to be like youtube (I don’t to create something like youtube – just the same priniciple) people watching videos without having problems.

    thank you in advance.

  • Bruce Jacobs

    I choose ClipBucket after testing AVS (ClipShare), PHP Motion and ClipBucket. ClipBucket is the only opensource and there are regular updates, I have read on the forums about the new version releasing in May (2016). They have cut the prices of their products and introduced new premium Packages which makes it very affordable. AVS and ClipShare are the same script now and they are the second best, They have good plugins and support but ClipBucket have a lot more to offer in premium plugins.