How to Create a Chat System in PHP & AJAX?

One of my readers on this blog asked me to create a chat system in PHP and AJAX, and I today I’ve created a simple chat application which works in real time. This is just for teaching you how to use AJAX and PHP to create a chat system and make it responsive as well. I’ve used PHP PDO method for database in this tutorial, so I hope you’ll learn something new today. And meanwhile, I’ll be publishing my future PHP tutorials with OOP concept.


Chat System in PHP & AJAX

This is a very basic example of live chat system in PHP and AJAX, but you can make it better as much as you can with CSS and other tricks of AJAX. However, I’ve kept it simple. The idea is that people can use their name and message to start chat with the active users who are online right now in the system. Whenever a user sends a message that will appear to all in real time with a sound, same like we see in Facebook.

To make it more clear, please watch the video tutorials playlist below, and learn this thing. Don’t just watch the videos, but also practice it yourself so that you can remember the code and can do it yourself. Below is the playlist of video tutorials which are coming straight from my YouTube channel.

Please be advised that above is a playlist of videos, so you can watch one lecture and when that finishes, the next one will play automatically on YouTube. And after watching the whole series of tutorials, I hope you’ll get it without any difficulty and will make it yourself by practicing it. And you can download the source code of this whole project by clicking below link, it’ll take you to a Google drive file, from where you can download the project in ZIP file.

Download the Project Files

After downloading the source code, please be advised to create a database with name “chat” and a table inside the database with the same name and four columns which will store the data. This is necessary because I’ve not included the database file with above source code. But all the other files/folders are included. If you have any question or suggestion then do let me know via comments below so I can address them. Happy Web Development.

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  • Nice Wali Bhi and Nice Project. Both Arsa k bar UpDate hu hai ap ki website.

  • Kozlo Falik

    really nice stuff but got some trouble with the database connection

  • Yusril Ihsanul Alim

    i was done watch all part chat application in php but .. i wrong when part 6 so the source code in here ^.^ Thanks man ..

    • Yusril Ihsanul Alim

      but i can .. create web chat using 1 part 😀 6 minute no mysql recruitmen :v

      • Yusril Ihsanul Alim

        i found update for chat app php 😀 … disable the form resubmission can you add ? because when i refresh page using google icon .. after entry a message .. the message Output again .. disable this possible ?