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PHP OOP Video Tutorials with Projects


If you are one of those PHP developers who are still using the procedural PHP to create websites and applications then it’s time to shift to Object Oriented Programming in PHP. I’m aware that most of the developers have already adopted PHP OOP, but still there are many developers who want to learn PHP OOP with easy examples. Having that ...

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MySQLi to PDO Prepared Statements in PHP Tutorial


If you are using mysqli_connect for creating a database connection in PHP then it’s time to move to PDO stands for PHP Data Objects, this is a more secure and appropriate way to connect to a database in PHP. The reason you should use PDO is that it’s more reliable than the formal method of using mysqli_connect and it prevents ...

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How to Create a Chat System in PHP & AJAX?


One of my readers on this blog asked me to create a chat system in PHP and AJAX, and I today I’ve created a simple chat application which works in real time. This is just for teaching you how to use AJAX and PHP to create a chat system and make it responsive as well. I’ve used PHP PDO method ...

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Characters Counter in PHP & AJAX – Video


Here is a small project called “letters counter using PHP & AJAX”. If you know the basic PHP Web Development then it’ll be very easy¬†to understand working with AJAX. AJAX is just a great way to make web development process faster by using JavaScript or jQuery with other programming languages such as PHP and ASP.NET. In this video tutorial, I’ll ...

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Best Websites to Buy PHP Scripts & Themes


PHP is a powerful web development language and many popular platforms are built with PHP such as WordPress, Joomla, Facebook and many more. There are thousands of PHP web developers who create themes, templates, plugins, scripts and different Content Management Systems¬†for the users on daily basis. But sometimes, we don’t know how to find these unique PHP scrips so that ...

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