Free Download Complete CMS in PHP OOP


I’m sharing a complete CMS in PHP OOP for free here on my blog. I have created this project recently in one of my PHP OOP courses. If you are looking for a complete CMS (Content Management System) for any of your projects then you can use this one freely. It has a front end website for the users and ...

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How to Create a Chat System in PHP & AJAX?


One of my readers on this blog asked me to create a chat system in PHP and AJAX, and I today I’ve created a simple chat application which works in real time. This is just for teaching you how to use AJAX and PHP to create a chat system and make it responsive as well. I’ve used PHP PDO method ...

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Characters Counter in PHP & AJAX – Video


Here is a small project called “letters counter using PHP & AJAX”. If you know the basic PHP Web Development then it’ll be very easy to understand working with AJAX. AJAX is just a great way to make web development process faster by using JavaScript or jQuery with other programming languages such as PHP and ASP.NET. In this video tutorial, I’ll ...

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Responsive Website in HTML5 & CSS3 (Video Tutorials)

responsive website in html5

If you want to learn creating a responsive website from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3 then here is a complete step by step video guide for you. This simple guide will teach you creating a very basic but beautiful portfolio website using simple HTML5 tags and CSS3 styles. I already have a simple guide to create a layout using HTML5 and ...

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Create a Social Networking Site in PHP (Video Tutorials)


The reason you are on this page probably be you want to create a Social Networking Website in PHP & MySQLi, if that’s your aim then you have come to the right place. PHP & MySQLi are two powerful tools which you can use to create such projects very easily, and in my video course, you’ll learn creating social network ...

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