How to Get User IP Address Using PHP?


Getting the user computer’s IP address becomes very necessary when you are either securing your application or you want to keep users’ information for future use. In PHP you can use a very simple command to get user’s IP address, but you can also use JavaScript in order to get user’s IP. However, it’s better to get the IP address ...

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Javascript-jQuery Text Editors for For CMS


When you create web development projects, you need to include many external or third party plugins & scripts which save very much of your precious time. JavaScript web text editor is one of the tools which you may really need while creating a web-based application or website, mostly I use this text editor when I create a “Content Management System” ...

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PHP & MySQL Web Development Learning E-books Free Download

PHP & MySQL e-books

So finally, the first freebie has come out of the box 🙂 . As this blog aims to make you a perfect web developer, web designer and a professional webmaster who can manage their website easily and even I’ll be able to share on making money online. So regarding this all, I’ve planned to share every bit of information, and ...

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JavaScript Learning Video Tutorials for Beginners (English)

JavaScript in English

JavaScript is a client side web programming language which is used in most of the websites currently serving the users on the web. The top 100 websites existing on the internet are using JavaScript. JavaScript (JS) can work as a backbone in web development because it has been used in all kind of websites and in web applications. Whether a ...

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jQuery Learning Video Tutorials for Beginners

JavaScript is considered the backbone of web development, and this is because, there are many web development tasks which can not be done without the help of JavaScript. JavaScript has been used since the web browser started work on the web. After to much usage of JavaScript in the websites, its team decided to make a library called “jQuery” which ...

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