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How to Buy a Paid Course? 

If you want to be a highly skilled web developer or something in ONLINE WORLD then you are at right place, I’ve  been teaching Web Development, Web Designing, Make Money and SEO topics for last 4 years, and I  do it with practical projects and real time examples, you can find my complete and advanced courses on this page. These courses have something special which you’ll not find on the internet, and amazingly you’ll get 50% to 80% discount if you join the courses using this page. All of my courses are hosted on, and links to the paid courses are given below with the description of each course. Join them today and save 50%  to 80% money. These courses will teach You creating websites from scratch, bringing visitors to your website using SEO and Make Money on Internet.

List of Paid Courses You Can Buy Today with Discount!

#1 – Social Networking Website in PHP & MySQLi

Learn how to create a basic, but beautiful Social Networking Website and Discussion Forum using simple PHP and MySQLi web development techniques.

Build Social Networking Website Yourself in PHP!

Social Networking websites are communities where you can share something with the world and people can interact with you. After taking this course, you can create the same thing yourself using simple PHP and MySQLi from scratch. Users can comment, can message and can view other members on this social network.

Course Price: $25 (you save $25)social-network-in-php

Number of Video Lectures: 80+

Duration of the Course: 12 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

#2 – Complete SEO Training – How I Drive 4000 Visitors a Day!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization  is the process to understand search engines algorithms such as, & For every website owner it’s very necessary to learn SEO, because without organic traffic/visitors a business can never be successful, in this complete SEO course, you’ll learn each and everything from keyword research to on-page, and from off-page to strong link building. I’ll teach you ranking keywords in Google live in this course. This is a single course by taking which you can learn it completely. Save $149 by joining this course today, and I’ll update this course regularly, so you can learn every new thing coming tomorrow.

Course Price: $15 (you save $5)SEO tutorials

Number of Video Lectures: 100+

Duration of the Course: 10 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

#3 – E-Commerce Website in PHP & MySQLi

E-Commerce is a kind of online selling/purchasing system which is very necessary for PHP Web Developers to learn and I’ve created this course from absolutely scratch. It’s a complete solution to learn E-Commerce website along with Admin Panel & CMS, You’ll also learn integrating Paypal Payment System into E-Commerce Website. If you join this course today, you’ll save $50 because using this page we’re giving you 50% discount. So be quick to get your spot by clicking the link.E-Commerce website in PHP

Course Price: $25 (you save $25)

Number of Video Lectures: 100+

Duration of the Course: 18 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

#4 – PHP OOP & PDO with Projects

If you are still using PHP procedural to create web applications then it’s time to move to Object Oriented Programming in PHP, and this course will teach you the basics of OOP in PHP. You’ll also learn how to create practical projects using Object Oriented Programming in PHP, you’ll learn creating a complete CMS (Content Management System) in this course.

Course Price: $20 (you save $20)oop-in-php

Number of Video Lectures: 40+

Duration of the Course: 5 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

#5 – Creating a Dynamic Website in PHP/MySQL

In this unique course of its kind, you’ll learn creating a category-based dynamic “News Portal” website using PHP & MySQL from absolutely scratch, You’ll learn all the common features such as creating the categories, posts, sidebars, layout, admin panel, search engine  and importantly the “Commenting System”. If you join the course now using this page, you’ll save $22 by availing 60% discount.

Course Price: $15 (you save $5)website-cms-in-php

Number of Video Lectures: 50+

Duration of the Course: 12 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

#6 – Complete PHP & MySQLi Training with Projects:

Learn PHP & MySQLi web development from scratch by understanding basic PHP functions and create your very own applications & projects using PHP & MySQL.

Build a strong web development foundation by learning PHP & MySQLi open source technologies with these basic video tutorials including apps.

Course Price: $15 (you save $5)PHP & MySQL e-books

Number of Video Lectures: 54+

Duration of the Course: 9 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

#7 – Proven Ways to Make Money Online

Learn about the top 100 proven ways to make money online on the internet with step by step practical examples. If you want to make money then you are at the right place.

Making Money On the Internet is Very Easy Now!

After watching this course, you’ll be able to easily make $500 to $1000 per month on the internet and you’ll be your own boss. You can even make $10,000 a month if you take action and follow the right direction.

Course Price: $15 (you save $5)

Number of Video Lectures: 60+make money money

Duration of the Course: 10 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

#8 – Make Money with Google Adsense

In this complete course, You’ll learn making money with your online content, so this course will make your life easier because when You know how to create websites, how to optimize them using SEO (Bring more visitors) then finally You need to earn money from your websites, and Google Adsense is the easiest way to make money on the internet, this course will teach from absolutely scratch about making money with Google Adsense. You’ll also learn increasing Adsense revenue overtime as well as how to keep your Adsense account in Good standing in order to earn money for a long term. If you join this course from this page then You’ll get 50% discount.

Course Price: $15 (you save $5)make money adsense

Number of Video Lectures: 25+

Duration of the Course: 3 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

#9 – Creating a Custom Search Engine in PHP

Creating a custom search engine was never easier before this tutorial, I’ve created a very simple and short course to create a search engine in PHP & MySQL from scratch, You’ll learn creating a search engine which can store the images and information and can display it to the users when a search is performed, it will show the relevant results with respective images on the main page. And if you join this course today using the giving link below, you’ll save $8.

Course Price: $10

Number of Video Lectures: 12search engine in php

Duration of the Course: 2 hours 

Source Files: attached to the course

Support/Help: lifetime

Watch Demo Videos: Click Here

What are the Advantages of Premium courses?

If you join any of the above premium courses, you’ll get a lot of advantages, these courses are complete and in advance version. Apart from that, you’ll get source code and project files with each course you join on Udemy and more importantly, you’ll get my lifetime support along the way after joining these courses, so what do you need more? just use above links and join the courses with a huge 50% discount only available for you on this page.

If you have any questions regarding paid courses then do let me know at: 

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    first of all,i will say JazakAllahu khairan katheeran! i always think i can never know web design in PHP. i have downloaded several tutorials on line yet,i cant understand anything but this your tutorial is interesting. i understands it all perfectly well. please the continuation of the ecommerce that stops in 29 and the scripts. i will kindly appreciate it if u can help me out…Allah’s
    Apostle said, “A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should
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  • kien nhan meffu

    hi sir.. whats is the different between paid course and your YouTube free videos??????????????

    • Hi,

      The paid courses are complete advanced courses with live support and project files. On YouTube, there are free courses which are not paid, and some of the demos of the paid courses.

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    hi, Abdul I have watched your eCommerce website php mysqli. Its was very nice. I want to buy paid course of this series. What will I get more in paid course to leran???

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    Hi Abdul would it be possible to make a video on how to make a site like youtube. How to post videos get show the views and have videos with high views be sent to a main page?

    • Hi, please see my new post on my website, I’ve published an article about it, and I’ll try to create a course on it very soon!

      • Ty-Lee Jay

        thank you.

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    what is the editor you are using?

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    abdul wali… am martin from nigeria, i want to pay for 4 of your paid courses cause i really enjoyed your demo tutorial on all of them ….. but the price of them going directly from udemy is different from going directly from your site ….. will it affect my payment ??

    • Hi Martins,

      If you buy the course from links given on this page then the payment should not be affected, please clear your browser history and then come back to click any link above, and purchase it from that link only. Thanks!

      • Martins Chigoziem

        Am trying to purchase for the PHP and MysQLi tutorial from scratch for dynamic websites but the master card payment is saying Oops ! Something went wrong !!!, and Sometimes the pay button will not be clickable …. Don’t know what to do am stranded now

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    I want to paid course in Hindi language????

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    Sir I need to buy “Digital Marketing” course as online but jo link ap ne provide kiya ha wo SEO pe target kr rha ha kindly share the link jahan se purchase kr skun course

    • Hello, Please check the link again, I’ve updated the link with the correct one!

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    please give a banking tutorial sir, I am very much interested in making banking site, but i don’t know how to make

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    Hi Abdul Wali, your tutorials are awesome. you actually made me to get going with php