The Best Web Hosting Providers (Tutorial)

Web hosting is one of the important aspects for establishing a business or website online. If you have a corporate website or just a small blog, you’ll need to select a company for hosting your blog/site. I’ve been asked many times by my students about which web hosting company should they select, and today after a lot of research, I have found two companies which I think are the best in this service.

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Important Things to Note:

In my opinion, there are two important components in any web hosting company, the first thing is the up time guarantee, which means, your site must be live and active all the time. And the second thing is the customer support provided by the company. If you found these two in a company then you should go for that. The up time guarantee should be minimum 99.99% and maximum 100%. And the customer support should be as quick as possible.

Below are the two companies, which I guess are the best in providing web hosting services for last couple of years. They have millions of customers and I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about these companies.

Site5 is The Best Web Hosting

Yes, I’ve used this service for quite a long time, and they provide the best service. Especially, their customer support is great and always address your concerns very quickly. They give you enough details and instructions to fix your hosting problems as quickly as possible. The price is also very reasonable, but you should always think about the quality first and price second. That’s why, I recommend this service.

Visit Site5 Web Hosting Website

Most of the site5 customers are very happy with this service, therefore I’ve given it the first number in my list, this web hosting is specially for web developers and web designers. However, if you think it’s not the best fit for you then you can consider other companies.

Hostgator – Another Great Hosting

Hostgator is really the giant of web hosting business, it has really grown faster over the years, and now it has more than 3 million customers. It offers the best prices for web hosting packages, and most of the times they run discount offers which range from 30% to 65% discount. If you want a reliable hosting with reasonable prices then go for hostgator today.

Visit Hostgator Official Website

If you are still thinking which web hosting you should buy then do watch below video in which I explain about the importance of web hosting companies and their services, so you can easily get an idea out of it.

Furthermore, if you have any questions related to web hosting then do let me know in the comment section below, I’ll personally give you suggestions as per your particular requirements. Thank you for reading and watching.

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