10 Free jQuery Plugins for Web developers

Gone are the days when many of the people used to name JavaScript to be massively in the web pages. These days jQuery plug-ins have really enhanced the way we design our websites. Thanks to the web developers and highly skilled programmers who have made it easy for us to enjoy fully featured and highly enhanced websites with a lot of useful plug-ins we were never even familiar with in the past.

For a few years, web developers have come up with plenty of free jQuery plugins, but unfortunately not all of them are really effective to go with. The selection should be done on the basis of minimal drawbacks and high level of features. If you are one of the community members who are always interested in knowing the best to have free jQuery plugins there here is my collection. I am sure you would find it to be really useful and thoughtful.


#1 – Blinds:

Blinds is a really effective slider plugin of jQuery. It is efficient enough to give a lighter yet stunning look to your web pages. No matter you want to design basic images or something complex for your website, with blinds everything is possible.

#2 – Smooth Scroll:

Want to enjoy smooth scrolling onto your website? If yes then smooth scroll is the jQuery plugin you shouldn’t miss at all. The creator, Mr. Thomas has developed it in a way that you can well scroll your web pages and contents upward and downward or even can move them towards right or left directions.

#3 – Carou Fredsel:

With this jQuery plugin, you can adjust various HTML elements and languages to give a stylish and bold look to your web pages. It is especially a wonderful idea for the people who own fashion or entertainment websites.

#4 – Pikachoose:

This jQuery plugin has come in four different versions so far, verion#4 being the latest and advanced out of them. It is useful in terms of letting you thumbnail your web pages conveniently.

#5 – Tiny Slider 2:

People name this plugin to be the most convenient and better useable tools for creating quality web pages. You can navigate your designs and slideshow different pictures onto your websites by using this plugin.

#6 – Agile Carousel:

This is yet another very impressive free jQuery plugin. It allows you format your web data and contents in the way you like. Setting up the external data with that of internal CMS system was never so convenient before Agile came to the markets.

#7 – Popeye 2.0:

For those who want unique looking slideshows and well created web pages shouldn’t miss having this free jQuery plugin. It allows you to give a well navigated look and stylish image to every web page you create.

#8 – Morphing Gallery:

Unlike other traditional plugins of its family, Morphing Gallery is something unique and fully featured to help you fix the size of your web pages. You can zoom in or zoom out the font sizes and pages to make them best fit the screen dimension.

#9 – Blog slide show:

Naming BlogSlideShow to be the most useful and simply awesome jQuery plugin won’t be wrong at all. It is a great plugin to help you give a presentable look to your web pages. Script writing and coding of the pages using CSS3 and HTML5 is what you can enjoy with in this plugin.

#10 – Nivo Slider:

So far, it is one of the most famous and well trusted jQuery plugins. Its components and options are so enjoyable that you won’t be able to stop yourself from experimenting with new and creative ideas. In addition to it, its easy to transit and simple navigation system helps you give a professional look to your websites.

All of the above jQuery plugins are very useful for using in websites and blogs. So you can just copy their names from this page and search on Google, you’ll find the website for the plugin from where you can take it’s code to use in your website.

If you are not familiar with jQuery or JavaScript then watch following tutorials: 

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