Top 5 CMS Scripts to Create Learning Management System

With the passage of time, the use of CMS for creating online Learning Management Systems has become a habit and necessary. It comes both in open source formats as well as in closed source format. Whichever type or format you make use of, you only have to be assured that your e-learning platforms are well equipped with facilities, features and options which are use friendly. Teaching online or learning online has become a very good trend these days. Teachers want to teach online and wants to make money from their teaching, while students try to find courses on the internet to learn. If you are planning to create a website for online academy then here are some CMS scripts which can help you achieve your goal in very less time.


#1. eFront

Naming eFont to have come up with cutting edge technology won’t be a wrong this. It really helps you organize your products and e-learning materials in a professional and enhanced way. With this CMS platform, you can give a visually attractive look to your designs and learning platforms so that more and more students come and get occupied with the system you have developed. Use of animations and high graphics is also an ideal thing in this e-learning system. What makes it really efficient is the quick to use options, self explanatory and creatively designed features, supported with LDAP and SCORM as well as multimedia e learning system to enhance your CMS products.

#2. Moodle

Moodle is yet another quite effective CMS e-learning platform. It helps to those who are into virtual learning and tutoring. With this tool, you can enhance and facilitate your online lectures and tutorials. The study materials provided to the students can be made easy to approach with the help of very simple clicks and options. The educators of different reputable international universities make use of this tool in a large number. With it, they can focus on promoting their projects and study materials for their students in a way they find to be easier and convenient.

#3. ATutor

ATutor is a very ideal open source CMS e-learning platform which lets you have access to lots of functions and features which can make your learning process interesting and effective. Assembling your study materials, notes and lectures was never so easy in any online class before ATutor could come to our hands. This is a really interactive web based CMS system to help both the tutors and students get in touch and communicate with each other quite easily. Some of its specifications include W3C WCAG 1.0 accessibility with A+ level, W3C XHTML 1.0 as well as consistent availability to the study materials and their auto-updates with a technology oriented program.

#4. Docebo LMS

Many of the educators and tutors well recommend this CMS E-learning platform. With this program you can enhance your lectures in a multi-level system. Its flexible and easy to use options make it like a cup of tea for you to get in touch with both national and international students in a single interactive technology oriented system. Both the tutors and students can personalize their lectures, discussions, conversations, notes and other education related things with this tool. Another benefit it accompanies is the chance of cataloguing the notes and e-books in a way you like or even in alphabetical form. So what you have to do to access your desired notes, books or lectures is to scroll down the catalogue and get them accessed in no time.

#5. Open Conference Systems

Open Conference Systems is a multi-tasking CMS e-learning platform. With this system you can create e-books, online educational speeches, conference notes, academic papers and submit them directly to your tutor or supervisor by one click. Another advantage of this platform is that you can protect your files, exam papers and notes with a password. So in case you are in a group discussion, the chances of your files or notes being leaked out would be zero.

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  • nice post wali bhie, I want to know that can I use CMS scripts for my wordpress website “” form these scripts. I want to make educational website. Thanks and your reply will be appreciated.

  • kate

    talking about CMS (content management systems), the first things that comes in mind are WordPress and Joomla. If we have a website built on the base of one or another and you don’t want to manage 2 systems (LMS+CMS),then you can try JoomlaLMS for Joomla or Learndash for WordPress.
    No need to hire specialists to administer your LMS, no need to redirect your users from site to site, no need to develop costly integrations – everything is centralized and integrated forming a multifunctional portal with all the necessary internal connections between all components.

  • Nooruddin

    AOA sir Jazak Allah apki mehnat Allah Kabool kary may buhat Impress hon apsy or apki tutorials sy buhat kush seekha hay menay thanks for sharing these tutorials Jazak Allah

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