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I’m called “Abdul Wali” who is 26 years old and going to be 27 very soon. I’m a Web Developer, Blogger, Online Mentor & SEO consultant working online since 2009, I’ve created several successful websites running on the web including for clients. I can generate business ideas and can work with a team of professionals. This is my short biography. Below is my photo. Read More about me (Abdul-Wali.com)


The purpose of this website

I created this website at the end of 2013 to help those who want to learn web development, web designing topics such as  PHP, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL, WordPress and blogger etc. But along with these subjects, I’ll also be publishing tutorials related to online marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM and so on. I’ll mostly focus on creating video tutorials, because videos are easier to get for everyone.

My Complete courses (Paid)

I’m offering complete + paid courses to my worldwide students who can confidently join them online, these courses have my hard work and deep knowledge. My each complete+paid course is project-based and has practical examples. Therefore, I recommend to you to join the paid courses which has much more to learn than the free tutorials. And I’ll always be able to interact with you personally if you’ve joined any of my paid course. Furthermore, if you join my paid courses using my website (Buy Paid Courses) then I’ll be giving you 50% discount on each course. This is only because I Love my readers and students who gives respect. Thanks for that!

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1) E-Commerce Website in PHP & MySQL from Scratch

2) Creating a CMS & website with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL

3) Creating a Search Engine in PHP from Scratch

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Abdul Wali

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  • islam ul haque

    Assalam wa alai kum wali bhai

  • islam ul haque

    i watched all e commerce videos .It is easy to learn
    one thing is that .when am creating a cart database the item are not stored in cart database.i call cart function in index,php page